Supply Management & BC Turkey

Turkey is one of five agricultural commodities in Canada that are regulated using a supply management system. The other commodities are:

  • Dairy
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Hatching Eggs

​What is Supply Management?

Supply management is a system used to balance supply and demand in a way that minimizes costly surpluses, ensures a steady supply of high quality products for consumers, and guarantees a fair return for farmers.

​While supply management does not completely address the unpredictable factors facing farmers – disease pressure and extreme weather events to name a few – it does provide them with the stability to plan and invest in their operations. It also allows them to ensure markets are effectively supplied, provide steady employment for workers and meet high standards for animal welfare, biosecurity and on-farm food safety.

The 3 pillars of supply management are Production Planning, Price Administration, and Import Controls. Supply management is a national system that, in the case of turkeys, is administered by Turkey Farmers of Canada (TFC) and provincial marketing boards.

Production Planning

Turkey Farmers of Canada (TFC) establishes the national production level and allocates quota to turkey producing provinces. The BC Turkey Marketing Board distributes BC’s share of the national quota between the provincial turkey farmers, taking into account allowances for New Entrants and other regional impacts.

Price Administration

The provincial marketing boards are responsible for setting minimum live prices for turkey. The BC Turkey Marketing Board works with TFC and other provinces to ensure the most recent poult and feed prices are factored into the minimum price a farmer must receive for his/her turkeys. The Board does not set prices of turkey at the retail level.

Import Controls

Turkey imports are set at a percentage of the annual national production quota plus any other allowances stated in agreements with Canada’s trading partners. Import quotas are distributed among importers. Before anyone is permitted to import more than their quota, TFC has an opportunity to find a Canadian source for the turkey.