Direct Vendor Program

The Direct Vendor Program was established to enable the production and marketing of turkeys by small-scale growers. The Board may issue, at any time, a license that allows the placement of up to 300 turkey poults within one quota year (May to April).

Licensed Direct Vendors are allowed to:

  • Market the regulated product at their farm fate, a farmer’s market, through an independent butcher, or through an independent restaurant.

Licensed Direct Vendors are not allowed to:

  • Market the regulated product to any other grower, wholesaler, broker, processor, retail grocery or commercial food service chain;
  • Grow the regulated product on a property that is either owned or leased by a licensed commercial, new entrant or organic turkey grower; or, 
  • Place more than 300 turkey poults per quota year per family, farm production unit or legal land description.

​Direct Vendors are obligated to comply with the Board’s General Orders and Regulations.

To Apply for a Direct Vendor License: 

Complete the application form and submit it, along with the $75 administration fee, to