BC Turkey Association


The BC Turkey Association (BCTA) was formed in 1951 under the BC Societies Act primarily as a social venue for farmers. The objectives of the BCTA were to:

  • Bring together all persons interested or engaged in the raising of turkeys and to promote the welfare of those so interested or engaged within the province of BC;
  • Gather and disseminate information on the raising of turkeys and the improvements in breeding, feeding and selling turkeys; and,
  • Promote the marketing and sale of turkeys and turkey eggs and to grow market demand for turkey and turkey products.

The BCTA has evolved into taking a leadership role on issues facing turkey farmers in BC. Areas of interest include environment, bio-security, and on-farm food safety.

The BCTA is a member of the BC Poultry Association and the BC Agriculture Council. 


The current BCTA Board is comprised of:

  • Steve Heppell, President
  • Stan Thiessen, Director
  • Steve Froese, Director
  • Myles Andrew, Director¬†
  • Erv Wiens, Director
  • Henry Klassen, Director