Over 70 Years of BC Turkey

For over 70 years, the turkey industry in BC has worked together to provide consumers with high quality turkey products.

Think Turkey!

Welcome spring with seasonal soups, fresh salads, and easy sandwiches… all made better with BC turkey! 

Raising Healthy Birds

Our farmers prioritize excellent flock care and food safety. Learn about the measures we have in place to ensure the highest standards in turkey production.

Local farms, local turkey

The BC turkey industry operates under a national supply management system, alongside 7 other provinces in Canada. This system allows our farmers, processors, and all other industry stakeholders to work together to ensure world-class farming standards and high quality products.

Supply management helps family farms thrive and ensures our communities have access to a steady and sustainable supply of products all year-round.

Looking for recipes, cooking tips, or nutritional information?

Check out our “In the Kitchen” tab for recipe ideas and key nutritional facts. Want more? Our partners at Turkey Farmers of Canada have a great website that’s worth a visit!

Turkey by the Numbers

Turkey is much more than just a delicious meal at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Our farmers raise turkeys all year round and contribute to their communities in many ways. Here are just a few of the annual facts and figures behind BC Turkey.

Million Servings of Turkey

Turkeys Raised

Registered Farmers

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Want to buy BC turkey products?

Look out for these brands at your local grocery store!