New Entrant Program

The New Entrant Program (NEP) was established by the Board to provide those with an interest in growing turkeys an opportunity to access quota required for turkey production.

The Board provides a one-time issuance of up to 17,500kg of quota to each successful new entrant. This is equivalent to approximately 1,500 turkeys produced each year.

To be considered for the NEP, an applicant must:

  • Be a resident of BC and over the age of 19;
  • Own land suitable for raising turkeys; and,
  • Not hold or have previously held quota in one of the supply-managed sectors in BC.

​Please note that the land cannot be held in common with someone who currently holds or has previously held dairy, egg, turkey, chicken or broiler hatching egg quota in BC.

Full details on the NEP can be found in the General Orders.

​The Board is not currently accepting applications for the NEP. The next anticipated application date is fall 2023.

NEP Waitlist

The Board maintains a waitlist of applicants who have passed the initial screening criteria for the NEP. The current waitlist is available here.