What is Biosecurity ?

Biosecurity, in the context of poultry production in British Columbia, is freedom from danger represented by biological agents, specifically viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

Mandatory Poultry Biosecurity Standards

Nineteen mandatory biosecurity standards have been developed by industry and its agency partners. These standards will improve biosecurity on all regulated poultry farms. The relevant Boards and Commissions have included these mandatory biosecurity standards in their respective general orders. All regulated farms are audited to ensure compliance with the standards.

The British Columbia Poultry Biosecurity Program

The British Columbia Poultry Biosecurity Program complements and enhances the current biosecurity practices of producers. Led by the province’s poultry industry, this initiative assists producers to identify biosecurity risks on their farms and encourages producers to adopt beneficial biosecurity practices (BBPs) that minimize, to the extent possible, the risk of disease organisms moving onto or off poultry farms thereby securing the health and sustainability of the entire industry.

The program is available to all regulated poultry operations throughout the province. As participants in this program, producers are able to identify their farm’s biosecurity strengths, prioritize any potential risks to biosecurity, and take advantage of tools and techniques available to manage those risks.