Application Forms:

new entrant program

The Board has established a New Entrant Growers Program which shall include the provision of a onetime issuance of up to 17,500 kg Primary Quota to each successful new entrant subject to the procedures set out below.

Quota to fund the issuance of Primary Quota to successful new entrants will be provided from transfer assessments and from increases in provincial allocation from the Turkey Farmers of Canada. The Board will offer new entrant quota issuances in multiples of up to 17,500 kg to the extent quota is available in the pool established by the transfer assessments.


Persons wishing to apply for consideration as a new entry grower shall be required to make application to the Board in a form acceptable to the Board.


Only persons being residents of British Columbia over the age of 19 and who currently own land suitable for raising turkeys shall be eligible to apply as a new entry grower.


Persons who hold or have previously held quota in one of the SM5 sectors (milk, eggs, turkey, chicken, broiler hatching eggs) are not eligible to apply for or receive new entrant quota.

  • For the purposes of the above requirement:
    • “persons” includes the individual in question, any partnership in which that person is or was a partner, or any company or limited partnership in which that person holds or has held shares; and
    • “person” includes spouses. A spousal relationship is a relationship in which persons (i) are married or (ii) are cohabiting in a conjugal relationship, having so cohabited for a continuous period of at least one year.
  • To be eligible to remain on/or be added to the waitlist, every applicant is required to file with the Board a sworn or notarized document:
    • Making full disclosure with regard to ownership of Supply Managed Quota and undertaking that the applicant will promptly notify the Board of any new information or developments pertaining to required disclosures at any time while the person remains on the wait list.
    • Undertaking that the applicant understands and is prepared to comply with all the requirements of the new entrant program as they exist and can be modified from time to time, including the requirement to operate any quota granted under the program as an independent production unit, and be involved in the day-to-day operations of the farm.
    • Confirming that all the rights and privileges subsequently obtained under the new entrant program including quota subsequently granted, may be revoked without compensation if it is determined that the applicant(s) has provided false or misleading information, or has failed to comply with the conditions or requirements of the program.
    • Confirming that the applicant understands and agrees to the publication of that person’s name on the waitlist, or that person’s name as a successful applicant, as required by participation in the new entrant program.

Vacancies in the waitlists described below will be filled from eligible applicants who have submitted their applications for consideration on a waitlist where there is a vacancy. The Board will randomly draw the required amount of applicants for the waitlists below. The Board will post for 90 days on their website (in the News & Events section) a notice informing potential applicants the date upon which a draw will occur in one or more of the waitlists below. Waitlist invitees will be placed on a waitlist in the order in which their names were drawn. The lists are comprised of:


Priority 1

4 New Entrant Applications for Organic Turkey providing there is a market demand

Priority 2

4 New Entrant Applications for growing turkeys and selling turkeys in Regional Markets outside the Lower Fraser Valley

Priority 3

4 New Entrant Applications to produce Commercial Turkey anywhere in BC.


For those on the waitlist, a $100 application fee payable to the Board shall accompany all applications.

All applications shall be subject to annual renewal, and the non-refundable annual renewal fee shall be $50.

Waitlists will be published on the Board’s website, and will be updated semi-annually at a minimum.

Invitations to become a new entry grower will be offered annually by the Board in accordance with the following priorities:





to persons indicating a plan to produce certified organic turkey, providing there is a market demand for increased production of certified organic turkey;


to persons planning to produce and market locally for regional markets outside the Lower Fraser Valley region; and,


to persons planning to produce commercial turkey anywhere in BC.


Persons receiving invitations shall have 60 days to submit a business plan to the Board in a form acceptable to the Board.

The business plan must contain, at a minimum, details concerning the intended production, facility, and marketing plans together with an undertaking to comply with the Board’s regulations as amended from time to time.

Upon review by the Board, the applicant must be licensed as a new entry grower within one year.


Business plans must be submitted together with a $5,000 deposit, such deposit to be refundable upon the first placement of poults by the new entry grower. In the event the new entry grower fails to place poults within 12 months of licensing by the Board, the fee shall be forfeited and the new entrant invitation withdrawn.


Invitees must also agree to have their names published on the Board’s website for a minimum of 30 days in order to allow the public a chance to voice any objections they may have to the new entrant invitation.


Prospective new entry growers undertaking to produce certified organic turkey must include either their certification as an organic grower or the schedule upon which they will become certified. Failure to become certified within the intended and approved time frame will cause the new entrant’s license and quota allocation to be suspended or cancelled.


New entry growers planning to produce certified organic turkey shall be issued up to a total of 17,500 kilograms of Certified Organic Quota. All other new entrants shall be issued up to a total of 17,500 kilograms of Commercial Quota.


New entry growers, whether producing certified organic products, serving local or regional markets by direct marketing, or supplying the commercial market through processors or turkey brokers, shall be obligated to comply with the provisions of the Board’s General Order and Regulations.


Quota issued by the Board to a new entry grower that is not utilized for two (2) consecutive years will be withdrawn by the Board and made available for re-issuance by the Board through the New Entry Grower Program.


Notwithstanding the Board’s offer of up to 17,500 kg of quota, new entry growers may acquire additional quota by transfer from other growers, as approved by the Board.


Regulated product issued under the new entrant program must be shipped and marketed as per the marketing plan submitted by the applicant. Failure to do so will cause the new entrant’s license and quota allocation to be suspended or cancelled.


There is permitted to be a maximum of one New Entry quota per person, or entity per property. No other supply managed quota is allowed to be grown on the same premises unless it has been purchased subsequently by the new entrant.


A person seeking to participate in the New Entrant Growers’ Program must have a genuine intention to be actively engaged in turkey production. The Board will determine, in its sole discretion, whether an entrant is actively engaged in turkey production for the purposes of the New Entrant Growers’ Program. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Board will have regard to the following factors:

      • whether the New Entrant Grower Quota is being used for the benefit of the new entrant;
      • whether the entrant is active in the day-to-day affairs of the production unit, including matters of animal husbandry;
      • whether the entrant operates and controls the production unit
      • whether the entrant pays for feed and other farm supplies utilized on the production unit; and
      • whether the entrant enjoys the chance of profit and bears the risk of loss in relation to the operations of the production unit.

Failing to fulfill any of the requirements listed above may result in the immediate suspension or cancellation of the New Entrant’s quota.


Please refer to the General Order and Regulations Section for full details.